Weekly round up #33

Well I’ve definitely been busy recently! Well, it’s a combination of being busy, ill and resting to save getting further ill. Rest time including things like sitting around watching Sister Act which I’m definitely not doing right now…

Anyhoo this is what I’ve been doing:

I went to a friend’s wedding reception: It was near Guildford in Surrey at a golf club and lovely it was too. Rob should have been coming with me but was ill last minute so I headed there on my own, but had another friend there so thankfully had another person to talk to!

Jumper shopping: Every single morning I stand staring at the contents of my wardrobe and realising I have nothing with long sleeves to wear. Not only no jumpers (that actually fit and are suitable to wear to work) but even tops. So off to the shops I headed. I didn’t go crazy but bought one long sleeved t-shirt, three jumpers and a cardigan. I could still do with more but there was little in my size! It’ll get me out of the red for now though.

Looking forward to the season finale of The Walking Dead: I won’t do any spoilers, but wow it’s been a good series!

The Passage book

Reading my book: When I’ve had free evenings I’ve often been going up to bed early to read. It helps me wind down and relax and so normally helps me sleep a bit better too. I’ve been mostly reading crime but at the moment I’m reading The Passage by Justin Cronin, it was a Christmas present last year. There are a lot of characters and a lot of things to remember (so if I have a break of more than a couple of days I struggle to keep up) but it’s good, I can’t see where it’s going yet.

Wishing I lived closer to friends: Last weekend I had such a lovely time with some of my oldest bestest friends that it’s made me really miss them a lot recently. I need to get better at just picking up the phone!

Christmas shopping: Brighton centre was a nightmare this weekend, as expected, so I’ve been trying to make a start on doing Christmas shopping online. But I really got into it, I didn’t just make a start. I’ve now done the majority of it! Whoop. Only about three more people to buy for and I’m thinking of ideas all the time.

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Weekly round up #32

Hello all, once again I’m sorry for getting so behind on the blog! Blogging and migraines are really not the best mix. I’m still not 100% but for now (this minute at least), my migraine is under control. Time for a little catch up then.

Visiting friends in Nottingham: Over the weekend I drove up to Nottingham to stay with my besties and had such a nice time. It was actually a rather grown up weekend – we didn’t go out and get drunk (OMG we are getting old) but instead had some nights in with wine, good food, good company and lots of TV. It was the first time I’ve drunk any alcohol in about a month, thanks for that headache. The nights in gave us the opportunity to all have a proper catch up and it’s great when you get to just sit and chill with friends you don’t see often. There’s no pressure to fill every silence, but you can hang out and let the conversation flow more naturally than a phone call or a Whatsapp chat. The weekend also included a trip to IKEA, always a winner.

Having cuddles with my mum and a very cute little lady: On my way up to Nottingham I popped in for an impromptu visit at my mum’s house in Northampton, where I knew she was looking after my little niece. I only stopped for about half an hour at the most but it was lovely to have a quick play and a quick hug!

hugs with nanaShe loves her nana!

Seeing a migraine specialist: I went to the National Migraine Centre in London to speak to a specialist about my ongoing migraine – it was a very long way to go for a doctors appointment but it was well worth it! The consultation alone made me feel hopeful, like there’s someone that understands when I say I have a mini migraine literally every day. It’s unusual to have an hour on any given day where I don’t have one. It’s not just a bit of a sore head either, it’s the pounding behind my eyes and the sensitivity to light that make it difficult for me to function and to work sitting at a computer every day (and blog, hence the recent lack thereof, soz again). She’s recommended some new medication which I’ll pop to my local GP to get a prescription for. Fingers crossed I’m going to kick this bad boy in the nuts.

Trying to relax: This brings me nicely to my next point, I’m trying to make more of an effort to relax in my spare time, so I don’t feel stressed and additionally might be able to switch off and therefore sleep better too. Whether that’s watching a film, reading a book or having a hot bath. Most of that also involves switching off from social media – it’s not a massive cull but I’m gradually trying to spend a little less time browsing at stuff on my phone so I’m not constantly distracted by the incessant notifications. Hopefully it’ll make a difference to my wellbeing and my head.

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A long weekend in Budapest

Well, this blog post has been a long time coming! We actually went to Budapest about a month ago but it’s just taken me a while to write this.

It was essentially a long weekend, although we went Friday to Tuesday, the Friday and Tuesday themselves were travelling – so the actual days we had in Budapest to do things were Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We had those kind of torn feelings you get with any long weekend break, especially in a city when there’s so much to do. You want to cram as much as you can in to the little time you have, knowing that you need to prioritise as you can’t fit in everything, but at the same time don’t want to end up feeling exhausted at the end of it. Kind of defeats the object of a holiday, right?

Well I think we almost got the balance right.

The highlight of the trip for me was on the best day. So was Rob’s, so we definitely prioritised right. We made a deal that if we did the thing Rob wanted to do (go to the zoo), we could also do the thing that I wanted to do (go to a thermal bath). We did both on the same day as I found a bath right next to the zoo. We underestimated how big the zoo would be – it was huge! And I think had pretty much every animal I could think of, which sounds silly but I don’t think zoos normally have every single animal do they?! I did feel a bit uncomfortable about a lion that was constantly making a noise right up against the glass of all the spectators. It wasn’t a roar exactly but more like a regular groan. I don’t know if he was unhappy, hungry or just performing for the crowds but it made me feel a bit sad. The zoo does do conservation work which is a bit more encouraging but I was a bit uncomfortable about it all.

Anyway, from there we went on to the thermal bath which was AMAZING. We went to one called Széchenyi Baths which apparently is the largest complex of spa baths in Europe. The building alone was beautiful; it was like a huge Neo-Baroque mansion with big marble columns and colourful mosaics. We spent most of our time in the outdoor bath, it was so warm and relaxing. Unfortunately as we only had our swim gear and towels with us I couldn’t take any photos so here’s one I found just to show you what it was like!

Széchenyi Baths BudapestPhoto by Graeme Churchard via flickr

Beautiful, right? Continue reading


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Weekly round up #31

Hey guys, here’s why I haven’t done anything on my blog for the last week! I’ve been:

Attacked by migraines: Yes, literally attacked. Unfortunately I was suffering with a migraine for most of last week and that actually ruined a lot of my plans. If you’ve never had a migraine, the pain is relentless and makes you useless for anything – any noise or light hurts so you can’t do much except sleep or lie in a dark, quiet room. I was off sick for a day from work to try to recover (it is SO boring lying in bed in the dark for hours upon end if you can’t sleep) and on Saturday it gradually eased a little. But then overnight I had a terrible night’s sleep so it returned on Sunday morning, along with a friend – a lovely cold. So I’ve not been too lucky! I was hoping to return to roller derby training this weekend (in better news, although it doesn’t feel 100% better my knee is nearly there so I want to start easing into skating gradually) but my migraine meant I was unable to do anything. I’ve been to the doctor countless times over the years about my headaches and migraines and I do actually take beta blockers now and have done for about four years or so which have made them less frequent. But I’ve never had one last this long. I’m considering checking out a migraine clinic, a friend recommended one to me in London so I may do some research.

Getting my hair coloured: During a few almost headache-free hours (I still had a dull headache but it was manageable) I went to the hairdressers to get an ombré colour added to my hair. The subtle blond streaks are actually much more widespread throughout my hair than I expected but it’s made a nice change! It’ll take me a while to get used to it, I keep double taking when I catch myself in the mirror.

ombre hair

ombre hair colour

ombre curly hair

Hanging out with James Bond: At the start of the week Rob and I went to the cinema to watch Spectre, the new James Bond film. Without spoiling it for anyone I absolutely loved the opening scene which was set during Day of the Dead in Mexico. Apart from that though, I wasn’t blown away by it. Admittedly I’m not a big Bond fan, although I did really like Skyfall. Despite that, it was an enjoyable film and I’d recommend giving it a watch!

Starting the Serial podcast: I’m really late to the party here but I recently discovered the Serial podcast series. For anyone else equally living in the Victorian era it’s a weekly podcast examining a murder case. I think there’s now a series two but I’ve started with the first series and it’s looking at the murder of schoolgirl Hae Min Lee in 1999. Her ex boyfriend Adnan Syed was found guilty of her murder but many believe there was insufficient evidence so the narrator is looking at the case, police notes and reinterviewing people. Funnily enough a few days after I started it there was a news story about the case, saying there’s going to be a new hearing. Really interesting stuff!


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Weekly round up #30

I haven’t done a weekly round up in a while – I suppose mostly due to my holiday in Budapest (it was a long weekend break and so crossed over two weeks). Although I haven’t got around to writing about that yet I want it to be a separate post in its own right rather than mentioned in passing in a round up. So I’ve had to wait till I’ve had enough other things to write about!

Here’s what I’ve been up to in that space of time:

Enjoying Halloween: I wrote a post earlier this week about my favourite scary films and I enjoyed one of them (The Orphan) and another (A Nightmare on Elm Street) with a lovely curry from Desi. It was a good night in!

Carved pumpkinMeet Pumpy III

Eating at vBites: I met my dad and my new step mum for lunch and, as they’re vegans, we went to vBites in Brighton. It’s funny, as I used to be a vegetarian for a long time, the first places I thought of taking them were my favourite veggie places but it suddenly dawned on me that those cafes may not be great for vegans. I asked a fellow Brighton-dwelling friend who also has vegan parents and vBites was one of the places she recommended. Everything is vegan and my step mum commented that it was amazing to be able to choose anything from the menu (I also remember that feeling when going to a vegetarian restaurant – it’s overwhelming when you’d otherwise ignore 99 per cent of the menu when scanning for green ‘V’s.) I’m now back to that same thing of scanning though, although I eat meat I’m constantly scanning for ‘GF’ which narrows it down considerably more than when I was a vegetarian! Anyway, I digress – I ate a gluten free English muffin (which was amazing, I’ve actually since tweeted them to ask where it’s from and where I can buy them as it was soft and fluffy like REAL BREAD) topped with hummus, spinach and mushrooms cooked in tarragon. I loved it. Continue reading

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