My 30th birthday

Earlier this week I celebrated my 30th birthday and I felt so spoilt!

I received not one, not two, but three gorgeous bunches of flowers, Rob baked me a low FODMAP cheesecake especially, I went to see The Lion King at the theatre in London and went for a posh vegetarian meal.

A day that starts with cheesecake has always got to go well, right?

Low FODMAP dark chocolate cheesecake

Slice of low FODMAP dark chocolate cheesecake

Rob presented me with my surprise dark chocolate cheesecake which he adapted especially so I could eat it (he used a Nigella recipe, if anyone is interested in recreating it). I ate it with raspberries and a cup of tea in bed, perfect!

I opened my presents in the morning too, I got so many lovely things including a portable speaker, a pug print notepad, body cream, an oil diffuser, a tea light set, some lovely soft winter gloves, knee gaskets for skating (they may sound boring but will be very practical) and money to buy myself a few bits – plus loads more. I also had a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered from my mum!

Bunch of flowers from mum

We then got ready for the day – summer outfit ahoy for the hottest day of the year!

30th birthday outfit

My 30th birthday outfit – modelled while standing outside a pretty house, pretending it’s mine! I’d been looking forward to wearing this dress for a while but it hadn’t been warm enough. I certainly got my wish there! London was about 35 degrees, very unusual!

My dress is from H&M, the sandals are from Accessorize and the small satchel is from Camden market.

Once I’d finished posing outside pretty seaside houses, we headed to London where we had a walk along the river and a quick drink in a Covent Garden pub.

Covent Garden pub drinkHair got tied back at this point, too hot for hair clinging to the back of my neck!

Then we went into the theatre to watch the matinee performance of The Lion King which was brilliant! I’m not normally a musical person but made an exception for this, I’d heard so many good reviews that I knew I’d love it. The music and costumes in particular were so good and cleverly done. I still have some of the songs stuck in my head now! Unfortunately no photography was allowed in the theatre (for good reason) so I can’t share any pictures of that.

Afterwards we got a train back to Brighton and had a lovely meal at vegetarian restaurant Terre a Terre. It’s become a bit of a birthday tradition, and I still wanted to go there despite no longer being a vegetarian.

Drink at Terre a TerreAnother pink drink, this time a Raspberry & Elderflower Fizz

Sorry for the photo quality of these last two pictures, my phone battery died so I used Rob’s phone and the camera’s not so great.

Pomme de Terre à TerreThe Pomme de Terre à Terre and a couple of sneaky chunky chips

All in all it was a fantastic day and I felt thoroughly spoilt and loved!

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Weekly round up #17

Hi guys, how has your week been?

Here’s what’s been going on in mine. I’ve been

Eating a salami and cheese deli dinner: On Friday night we thought we’d treat ourselves to a deli buffet type dinner consisting of a mixture of hams, salamis and cheeses. There were also cherry tomatoes, olives and pate. Oh and crackers and oatcakes. It was good. SO GOOD. I really should have taken a photo but I think I was too busy fisting it into my mouth.

Binging on OITNB: I love Orange is the New Black and when the new series came out on Netflix it didn’t take us long to get our way through it.. What will we watch now? Suggestions please!

Comparing collar bones: With my friend Chantal. She’s got a thing about good collarbones so we compared on Instagram. Both very collarboney.

My collarboneCollarbone exhibit A: Amy

Chantal collarboneCollarbone exhibit B: Chantal
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Recipe: Spinach and broccoli pesto with gluten-free pasta

I always feel really satisfied with a meal if I’ve been able to make it with mostly leftovers – foods that otherwise would have gone to waste. I also feel like I’ve made a meal for free – obviously I haven’t because I bought all the food in the first place, but being creative with leftovers stops me from having to go out and buy new food to eat.

That’s exactly what I did with this food, I had a little bit of broccoli left but it wouldn’t have been substantial enough to accompany a meal. And I had some near-wilting spinach that would have sat in the fridge for a few days until it eas eventually thrown in the compost. The rest I made up with stock cupboard items. The amounts aren’t exact (when are my recipes ever exact?!) as I always chuck in a bit of this and a bit of that – but with this you can adjust to taste as you go along. The below is approximately what I used.

The other great thing about this dish is it’s filling, healthy(ish), gluten-free and low FODMAP.

Spinach and broccoli pesto with gluten-free pasta

A handful of broccoli
50g spinach
Splosh of garlic oil (or olive oil and add garlic separately if you don’t need it to be low FODMAP)
A handful of walnut halves
Cherry tomatoes, roughly chopped
Salt & pepper, to taste
Gluten-free pasta

1. Cook the gluten-free pasta as per packet instructions (I find about seven minutes is best and I add a little bit of olive oil so it doesn’t stick)
2. Meanwhile, put the broccoli on to boil for about five mins
3. Put the cooked broccoli, spinach, walnuts and garlic oil together in a food processor. Season to taste
4. Add pesto to cooked pasta and add in chopped tomatoes
5. Serve!

Do let me know if you try this and what you think. Next time I make it I might whip up a big batch and freeze it in individual portions for speedy meals.

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Weekly round up #16

Hello! How has your week been? Mine has been pretty busy, I’ve been:

Spending two days at BritMums Live: This is a two day event for parenting and lifestyle bloggers in London. London’s not that far away on the train, but to save time travelling on the evening of the first day and the morning of the second, I decided to stay in a hotel overnight.

The event itself was ok – it was great to meet other bloggers and chat; but I found most of the talks themselves quite disappointing. In most of the talks I went to that I knew the vast majority of the advice already – although there were a few things which should give me a kick up the bum, a few ideas they generated and a couple of tools mentioned that I can investigate. I suppose some of them weren’t at the level I expected, although it’s quite reassuring that I obviously know a lot more than I realised. It’s often just putting that knowledge into practice.

Deliciously Ella at BritMums Live

I did get to see an inspiring talk by Ella Woodward though, who writes the phenomenally successful Deliciously Ella blog, which I really enjoyed. And it was nice to have a night away too, even if it was just for one night – it’s always nice to sleep in a hotel bed.  Continue reading


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Canine capers and bedtime rituals

I’ve recently made a new friend. He’s got four legs and he’s called Dizzy. I’ve looked after him once before, last week, and will now look after him one day a week when I work from home.

Dizzy on the bed

This week was a bit different though – he came round the night before for a little sleepover! Continue reading


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