Review: Gluten free roast dinner at The Farm Tavern, Hove

I’ve been craving a roast dinner for months so was delighted when I found out (via – thanks Alice!) that The Farm Tavern in Hove caters for the gluten free diner. Not only that, there’s more than one choice of Sunday roast on the menu!

I’d never been to the pub before, I actually didn’t even know it was there. I’m a little bad with venturing outside of Brighton, hell, even Hanover when it comes to pubs as we’re spoilt for choice. (There are easily about 15 pubs within about a five minute walk from my house). So Hove is no man’s land as far as I’m concerned, unless I have a friend that lives in that zone in which case I might venture that way, but only if I really like them.

The pub was on a relatively quiet, one-way street not far from the seafront. It was small but warm and friendly – definitely seems like a good winter pub, although I can’t recall if I saw an open fire which for me is a deal maker or breaker. The staff were very friendly and although we couldn’t get a seat downstairs despite it only being about 12.15pm (they only started serving food 15 minutes before – but that’s got to be a good sign?), we discovered another seating area upstairs so marched up there to claim a table.

We did have to wait a while for food, but it was worth it. (And I enjoyed listening to indie classics belting out the stereo while thinking about my food.) I got the gluten free roast chicken which came with, wait for it, gluten free gravy AND a gluten free Yorkshire pudding plus all the trimmings! Wahey!

I had to avoid the stuffing and cauliflower (I’m a slave to the low fodmap lords) but all else was delicious. Loads of chicken, perfect roasties and plenty of side sauces to choose from.

gluten free roast chicken

I was a happy bunny and shall be returning soon.

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Things that have really tickled me this week

I’m still laughing to myself about this first one in particular…

Celebrity Gogglebox

I was catching up on Googlebox at the weekend and it was the Stand up to Cancer episode which featured celebrities watching programmes as well as the regular characters. In one part it showed everyone watching University Challenge and everyone playing along at home trying to guess the answers to the questions.

Sarah Hadland (from Miranda) did a hilarious impression of one of the contestants which is still making me laugh.

It’s here (it repeats it about three times but to be fair that’s exactly what I did when I first saw it)…


A Walking Dead Facebook post showed all the actors on the red carpet. Continue reading

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Review: The Abbey Hotel, Redditch

Over the weekend I went away on a work trip to deliver some social media training with a colleague. It was a long old weekend, on Friday morning we drove up to Warrington (in total from Brighton to Warrington via Guildford it took about seven hours) and then when we arrived at our hotel we spent two hours running over our presentation. It was one of those evenings where I was so tired I felt sick and could barely keep my eyes open. We stayed at a Premier Inn, which was cheap and cheerful (the shower was amazing though!).

We delivered our first training session on Saturday morning in Warrington; and at lunchtime we then drove to south Birmingham for the afternoon’s training. When we finished at about 5pm we went on to our final hotel, the Abbey Hotel in Redditch. Set in the grounds of a golf course, it was a huge place. There were two restaurants on site, a bar and a health club with treatment rooms and a swimming pool (we tried to each have a beauty treatment following our long working weekend but it was closed by the time we got there, damn it!).

As we checked in at reception we were told that one of us had been given a room upgrade. I waited with baited breathe as she read out my name – YEESSSS! I had an executive suite and once I was given my keycard I practically ran all the way up to my room. Continue reading


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My favourite movie soundtrack: (500) Days of Summer

When Currys asked me to write about my favourite movie soundtrack I really had to give it some thought. There are loads of film soundtracks I like: Stand By Me, Wayne’s World, American Pie (it appeals to my teenage love of pop punk), About A Boy, Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting, Whip It, the list goes on. It was difficult to narrow it down.

So although I’ve decided to focus on (500) Days of Summer the soundtrack is not my definitive favourite, just one of many.

I think the thing about movie soundtracks is that they put you right back in the film. The right song, and the right soundtrack can really make a scene. Just consider ‘Stuck in the middle’ in Reservoir Dogs. I can’t listen to that song without thinking about the harrowing scene. It’s so powerful!


I’ve picked (500) Days of Summer because I love the film (and it makes me totally fall in love with Summer’s wardrobe whenever I watch it) and it’s not a typical love story – as the narrator points out at the start. It’s a feel-good movie (generally), sure, but it’s up and down and it doesn’t work out in the end.

Anyway, let’s look at some of my soundtrack highlights.

The first song’s a great start: ‘Us’ by Regina Spektor is uplifting but also sounds quite innocent and I love her voice.

Morrissey and The Smiths are obviously heavily focused on in the film because their music is a shared love of the two main characters. I love the scene in the elevator where Tom’s listening to ‘There is a light that never goes out’ through his headphones and Summer starts singing along to it. It’s actually the music that initially brings them together.

And it’s super cute when Tom’s drunk and sings ‘Here comes your man’ by Pixies at the work karaoke.

But hands down my favourite scene, which is hugely due credit to the song, is the scene directly after they sleep together for the first time. Tom leaves his apartment with a skip in his step to ‘You make my dreams’ by Daryl Hall and John Oates and it turns into an choreographed dance scene like you’d get in an 80s movie. Everyone dances together – and everyone is wearing blue. In fact, I love this scene so much I’ve mentioned it before on my blog, but dammit I’m mentioning it again and here’s the video of the scene once more:

What’s your favourite movie soundtrack?

This is an entry to a Currys competition.


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Vogue’s Fashion Night Out at Superdry

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Vogue’s Fashion Night Out at Superdry on Regent Street, London. I got a sneak peek at Superdry’s new autumn collection – and there are some gorgeous pieces in there!

superdry premium room

I normally think of the women’s clothing at Superdry as being quite sporty and I suppose quite masculine, but I was wrong. There’s a real urban feel to the collection but there’s also classicism and femininity.

superdry aw14 leather jackets

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