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On Wednesday I hosted the #lbloggers chat on Twitter, a twice weekly chat between lifestyle bloggers all over the world which is organised by @LbloggersChat. I chose the topic: blog marketing. I asked four questions around the topic using the hashtag #lbloggers – and although it was really fun, I was overwhelmed with tweets! I used Hootsuite to manage the chat and set up a new stream to track all the various conversations. The stream refreshed every two minutes in which time there’d be about 30 new responses! So apologies to anyone I didn’t get around to replying to – but I read all the comments and I really appreciate everyone taking part.

It seemed to be a successful chat, I got loads of great feedback and there was some brilliant advice flying around. So I thought I’d write a blog post sharing some of the best replies. So here are the top marketing tips for bloggers – by bloggers. Continue reading


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Essential SEO basics to optimise your blog

SEO word cloud
Up until recently I worked in the SEO team at a top search marketing agency, so learned about optimising websites and blogs from the best of the best. The great thing about that is I’ve been able to take away loads of great tips that I can implement on my own blog and share with friends.

When you’re a blogger, you might think of SEO and think of outreach people at agencies, trying to get you to link to them. The reason they do that is to improve their client’s search visibility and get more (hopefully relevant) traffic. But what I’m writing about today is how to do that for your own blog. How do you make your blog stand out from the rest, rank in search engines and get you more traffic or enquiries?

SEO is a complicated game and it’s forever changing, so this only touches upon some of its elements. I specialised in web content so I’ll focuses on some of the simple and more essential things you can do to optimise the content on your own blog (or ‘on page SEO’). Without optimisation, readers are unlikely to even find your content!

One thing that’s important to mention first is that when it comes to website content, quality definitely wins over quantity. Don’t write something for the sake of it, really make sure you have something useful, interesting and of value to say. Provide your reader with value. That way, after optimising for search engines you’ll naturally get traffic and links as people share your posts with their friends. Continue reading


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Battling a tension headache

I’m one of those unfortunate people who really suffer with regular headaches and migraines. They run in the family so it was inevitable that I would have them too.

I’m now on regular medication but previously it was rare for me not to have a headache. Occasionally I would realise it and think “Hmmm that’s weird, I don’t have a headache.”

Headspace animation - exercising the mind
Image from Headspace

I remember I’d get pounding headaches while on the bus on the way home from school while everyone else was screaming, shouting and jumping all over the seats. Once my stepdad had to pick me up from a friend’s birthday sleepover because I started to get a migraine, and 60 seconds after pulling away from her house he had to pull over so I could throw up by the side of the road. And I’ve had to go home sick from work on numerous occasions because the headaches were so debilitating. Continue reading

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Recipe: Simple blueberry smoothie

Today I had a box of blueberries that needed using up so I decided to whizz up a quick smoothie with them.

Please note, this is not my own recipe but inspired by one I read online.

blueberry smoothie


One banana
A big handful of blueberries
A good squeeze of honey
A little water, as desired

Put the banana, blueberries and honey in a blender and whizz up. Add water till you reach your desired consistency.

A delicious, healthy and filling snack!

Link up your recipe of the week


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Celebrating my birthday with food

On Tuesday it was my birthday so I spent the day celebrating with Rob. It was a very food-orientated day – perfect!

It started with breakfast in bed: gluten-free vegetarian sausages, scrambled eggs, mushrooms and baked beans, yum. Then I opened my presents which included a few gluten-free cookery books, a new pair of Converse trainers and some posh secateurs for the garden!

We then went to Devil’s Dyke for a walk and a picnic. It was a lovely sunny (albeit a little windy) day so ideal for a picturesque walk.

devil's dyke view Continue reading

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