Weekly round up #9

Another week has flown by and it’s nearly May… where does the time go?

I hope you’ve all had a great week. Here’s what happened in mine… I’ve been:

Feeling: Like a tit trying to find my way into the Brighton Youth Centre for a skating session. I couldn’t get into the building. I actually couldn’t find an entrance that was unlocked and spent about 10 minutes walking round and round the building in a circle re-trying all the doors in case they’d magically unlocked themselves. Are young people too cool to use doors now? I must have looked like an old fool Continue reading

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Recipe: Gluten-free rhubarb crumble

I bloody love rhubarb so when a work colleague brought in some spare from their dad’s allotment I snapped it up and immediately starting plotting a rhubarb crumble. Crumble is a real comfort dish and one that’s also really easy to make – and with a few small alterations it can be made gluten-free and low FODMAP.

Alter the ingredients or quantities as you see fit, but the below is what I used:


For the filling:

700g raw rhubarb

140g demerara sugar

1 tsp ground ginger

For the crumble topping:

200g plain gluten-free flour

150g butter

100g demerara sugar

25g gluten-free oats Continue reading


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Weekly round up #8

Hello dear blog readers! I hope you’ve all had a fab week. What have you been up to? Feel free to let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

Sweating: Today has been exhausting! The morning saw a tough skating session (we’ve started contact now so I’m sure I’ll have some bruises next week!) followed by making a start on gardening (de-cat pooing and de-weeding).

Getting: Confused over the maths/logic question that went viral this week. My first thought was ‘why is Cheryl being such a dick?’. Continue reading


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Review: Shooze gig

Last week I went to see Shooze, who supported Adam Ant at a gig at the Concorde 2 in Brighton.

Shooze at Concorde 2 Brighton

Shooze describe their music as “a hybrid of 70’s ska, punk & reggae” but their sound isn’t really as straight forward as that. Sure, there was definitely a reggae/ska element to some of their tracks that could help you to make comparisons to The Police (more on that in a minute) and a reggae/punk rock crossover not too dissimilar from The Ruts but there were hints of lots of different styles on music that blended together effortlessly.  Continue reading


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Weekly round up #7

Hi everyone, how’s your week been and what have you been up to? The weather’s been lovely although I seem to have missed most of it by either being in the office or pottering around the home!

Here’s what I’ve been up to over the last week:

family, rollerskating and chocolate!

Roller-discoing: With my 15-year-old brother. As I was in Northampton for the Easter weekend visiting family (there was no roller derby practice), I thought I’d use the opportunity to try out a new roller disco. It was great! A much bigger venue than the ones I’ve been to in Sussex so far fewer child-trip risks!

Running: While the rest of my family were tucking into hot cross buns on Easter Sunday morning, I was heading off for a run round the village with my stepdad. It was exhausting, I could tell I hadn’t run for about a year! Don’t worry I finished the day with loads of chocolate.

Babysitting: The most beautiful little smily girl!

Watching: Bloodline, a new series on Netflix that we’ve been getting into. It’s about a family in America and the trouble that arises when a brother, the black sheep of the family, turns up.

Relaxing: My poor aching legs after skating and running, ouch!

Eating: A delicious Green & Black’s dark chocolate Easter egg.

Feeling: A bit sad for a few days for no apparent reason. Do you ever have the odd day like that?

Going: To a gig – review to follow in a few days.


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