Weekly round up #28

Oh hai October!

Although I don’t like your increasingly chilly weather I do like some of the other things you have ahead for me. In just under two weeks I’m going to Budapest and really, really can’t wait. I’ve also got a few things planned with friends and then to top it all off there’s Halloween at the end. You beauty, October.

Anyway, less on what’s ahead, what have I been up to over the last week?

Eating a delicious roast dinner: We went to The Farm pub in Hove this afternoon for a gorgeous roast dinner. They have gluten-free gravy and Yorkshire puddings, which is perfect for me – and they have gluten free and vegan puddings! Just a shame I never have space for dessert.

The Farm nut roast Continue reading

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Review: Banana ice cream recipe

As I’m lactose intolerant it’s now very rare that I get to eat ice cream. So when I came across Deliciously Ella‘s recipe for vegan, dairy free ice cream using just bananas I knew I had to give it a try. The recipe is really simple and I love bananas (well, more banana flavoured stuff – banana would always be my first choice in milkshake flavour).

I think one banana probably equates to one (small) portion per person so make the amount you think you need. Really ripe, soft bananas are best. Peel and chop your banana/s finely then put them in a plastic tub in the freezer overnight. About five minutes before you fancy eating your ice cream, get it out of the freezer and leave it out at room temperature.

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My favourite 15 minute meals

When you’ve had a long day at work sometimes the last thing you want to do is stand for two hours preparing and cooking a meal – you just want food and you want it quickly. But ‘fast’ food doesn’t need to be unhealthy, it is possible to whip up a storm in the kitchen within about 15 minutes or so (and sometimes even less).

Here are some ideas for those days when you just need food. In your mouth. Now.

Stir fry

It’s super-fast and easy to cook a stir fry, and if you do noodles too it’ll keep you fuller for longer. If you’ve got no time at all, grab one of those pre-prepared bags of stir fry veggies and chuck them in your wok along with some noodles and soy sauce. If you’ve got a bit longer you could cook some chicken or prawns too.

Egg and avocado on toast

This is more like a breakfast but I could eat avocado and eggs at any time of the day. My favourite are poached or boiled. Here’s how I make poached eggs, just add to avocado topped toast, squeeze some lemon on top and sprinkle chilli seeds on. Yum!

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Weekly round up #27

Oh hi there guys! Hope you’re all good. Here’s what I’ve been doing recently:

Having the perfect evening alone: This might sound weird (or selfish) but Rob went to stay with a friend up north and I’d been really looking forward to an evening in on my own! As much as I love spending time with him it’s rare that I have an evening to myself (I think this was his second night away in over six years) so I planned exactly how I wanted to spend it. I spent it with a bottle of wine. Oh and some food… for dinner I bought in a selection of salamis and smoked cheese and had it with oven baked gluten-free bread, pate and sun dried tomato paste. It was bloody delicious! I also caught up on some great TV and had a bath. Perfect evening.

Note from boyfriendHe will no doubt kill me for this but I came home from work on Friday to this lovely note :)

Resting my knee: My knee has still been hurting since injuring it at a roller derby scrimmage two weeks ago so I’ve been trying to rest it. It also means I haven’t skated in that time which has been really frustrating! Fingers crossed it’ll be better soon though, I’d rather rest it now than skate and injure it further. Continue reading

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A Sunday crafternoon

On Sunday I was invited along to a bloggers’ crafty afternoon hosted by Hillarys and The Crafty Hen. I really wasn’t sure how I’d get on – when it comes to some crafty things like sewing and knitting I’m not too bad, but anything more and it can be a bit of a disaster. And I wasn’t wrong!

We were told that we’d be firstly making a jewellery box (well, the boxes were already assembled but we were making them nice) and then we’d be making jewellery to go in them. We were shown the new Autumn/Winter collection of fabrics and mood boards from Hillarys which would inspire the day and our creations.

craft moodboards

For my jewellery box I chose a amber colour print as I think the tone feels really seasonal. We started using double sided sticky tape to attach it to the cover of the box and this was my down side – because I bite my nails I really struggled peeling back the tape! It eventually became my nemesis and meant I didn’t have time to finish the inside of my box, but actually it’s still functional so hey. But anyway back to the construction. I then decorated the top with a bit of ribbon and a button in silver colours which compliment the fabric nicely. I used a glue gun for this bit which was much easier and reminded me of primary school!

jewellery box craft

I covered up the inside of the lid with a bit of card so it looked nice and neat and then moved on to the inside. I folded a piece of card and put it inside to create two compartments and then covered that in fabric. I then intended to roll up two pieces of fabric-covered foam to be ring holders but this is what I ran out of time for! Never mind, it’s still nice that it has two different sized sections for different jewellery.

crafting a jewellery box

Then we moved on to my favourite part of the afternoon – making the jewellery itself. The team explained that we’d be making Suffolk puffs which are circles of material gathered in on themselves to form a puffier circle. I chose fabric and cut them to size – one large and one smaller and then attached them to each other.

Suffolk puff craft

I then sewed on a button in the middle and a piece of ribbon to the back. I wanted to make an Alice band so firstly wrapped it in ribbon then glued on the puffs. It was fiddily and it’s delicate but I think it looks lovely! What do you think?

Bloggers crafternoon

Handmade headband

Hillarys invited me to this blogger event.

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