Back to the Future Secret Cinema

You may remember that last year I posted about the Back to the Future Secret Cinema which I absolutely loved. You weren’t allowed to take in mobile phones or cameras so I bought a disposable camera at the event and I’ve FINALLY got the photos developed! (It only took me seven months).

As I mentioned, they were taken on a disposable camera so unfortunately most of them are really poor quality. They actually look like they were taken in 1955. Not really but you get what I’m saying.

There are quite a few like the one below that I must have taken excitedly while watching the live performance in the dark.

Back to the Future Secret Cinema audience

God knows what was going on, but I must have thought it was good enough to take a photo of. These people in front of me look like they’re enjoying it, don’t you think?

I’ve got a selection here to give you an idea of what the event was like though:

Biff and friends

Back to the Future town square

Back to the Future town hall

Back to the Future Texaco garage

Back to the Future 1950s car

I’d love to do something like this again. Another film that I think would be absolutely brilliant for Secret Cinema to do would be Wayne’s World. They recently announced that they’re doing a production of The Empire Strikes Back this summer, is anyone going?

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Weekly round up #5

Hello everyone! How has your week been?

Here’s what I’ve been doing…

flowers, food and pub

Admiring: The beautiful pink blossom on the trees.

Enjoying: Egg and avocado on gluten-free toast for breakfast, yum.

Loving: Having pretty flowers in the house, they really cheer me up when I walk into the room.

Practicing: Skating at an adult roller disco in Worthing – I was making the most of all the space without any hazardous tiny people zooming around my legs!

Feeling: Like I’ve been on the verge of a cold so I’ve been drinking orange juice every day and trying to eat lots of veg.

Planning: Meals now that I’m reintroducing foods on the FODMAP diet.

Trying: A new exercise class. I couldn’t go to my normal one as it clashed with the roller disco so I tried something else which was run by the same group.

Drinking: At my new local (one which has new management) which has a great selection of board games and really cheap but tasty looking pizzas and burgers.


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Review: Coggings & Co, Brighton

At the weekend Rob and I went to Coggings & Co which is a burger restaurant in Seven Dials, Brighton. I’d heard such good reviews about this place from friends and was really keen to go – especially to try the gluten free burger baps. Fellow gluten free friends had told me that the bread rolls were great and that’s always my criticism of gluten free burgers elsewhere. When baps are dry and crumbly, they fall apart and you have to eat the burger with a knife and fork… which kinda defeats the object of having a burger in the first place. One of the most enjoyable things about them is eating with your hands!

So anyway, back to Coggings & Co – I used their website to book a table at 7.15 on Saturday night. When we got there there were a few spare seats but quite a few people in there already. Before our food even arrived it filled up and they were turning people away until after 9pm.

Coggings & Co restaurant Brighton

The atmosphere was really nice, I really thought it seemed like the kind of place that would be good for either the day or evening. It was quite informal and the service was really good – fast and friendly.

Coggings & Co drinks menu

Both Rob and I ordered the bacon cheeseburger – I went for the gluten free bun while Rob went for the normal one. I should also say that all burgers were gluten free, which is unusual, and gluten free baps were available for no extra charge, also unusual.

Amy at Coggings & Co

It was lovely, the bap was like a normal one! It was a bit like a muffin and it actually stayed in one piece! The burger was really tasty too and the chips (cooked in beef dripping – so naughty but so good) were delicious.

Gluten free burger at Coggings & Co, Brighton

We also shared a side of red cabbage coleslaw which was lovely. I’m sad to say that I couldn’t actually eat it all – what’s wrong with me?! So we didn’t get to try any puddings but I’m keen to go back again soon to eat even more.

If you’re a gluten free diner in Brighton, or even if you’re not gluten free, you need to check this place out!

I can honestly say it’s the best gluten free burger I’ve eaten.


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Weekly round up #4

Hi everyone, I hope you’ve had a good week and enjoyed the official start of spring. I couldn’t be happier to see the back of winter!

Did you see the eclipse on Friday? It was pretty much grey skies for me – too cloudy to see anything!

Here’s what I’ve been up to this week:

Banning TV: Well, for one night at least. Rob and I decided we were going to go without the TV one evening because I think we rely on it to entertain us a little too much. We sat at the dining table to eat dinner instead of eating it on our laps in front of the TV. We caught up about our days and played a game. It was a good change!

Sitting in traffic: There have been loads of roadworks near where I work meaning lots of diversions and extra time added on to my journeys aargh!

Getting excited: About rejigging my diet. Read about it here.

Admiring handbags: A girl at my exercise class had a gorgeous Kate Spade bag and I’ve been eyeing them up online ever since.

Updating my iPod: With old tunes and new – getting some classic Distillers on there and Pup’s 2014 album has made my daily commute a bit more fun.

Drinking cocktails: I went to an old colleague’s leaving do in Brighton which was lovely – lots of old faces and well overdue catching up. We went to the Twisted Lemon for cocktails where I enjoyed a couple of Cherry Mash Fizzes, which contained Bourbon, cherry brandy, lemon juice and soda.

Drinking hot chocolate: I had an equally lovely soya hot chocolate in Grounded in Kemp Town.

Greeting dogs in the office: A gorgeous little fluffball called Gary (!) came into the office! It made my day.

Dog, low fodmap plan, soya hot chocolate

What have you been up to this week?


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Low FODMAP diet update

As many of my regular readers will know, I’ve been following the low FODMAP diet for a while due to getting pain in my stomach whenever I eat certain foods. It involves eliminating groups of foods and the gradually introducing them back in, one by one, to determine whether you have any intolerances to the groups.

It was suggested by my doctor that I try the diet and although it’s helped I’ve not been able to reintroduce the foods back in and have been waiting to see a dietician for help in doing so. You’re meant to eliminate all foods for about 8-10 weeks before introducing them back in and I’ve been doing it for about 9 months! So as you can imagine I’ve been quite frustrated… and bored of my really restricted diet.

So I was very excited to be finally meeting with the dietician today. It was a group session which was actually really nice as it felt like a comforting, supportive environment. Lots of people with similar problems, sharing their stories and experiences and offering advice to each other.

Reintroducing FODMAPs in your fiet

The dietician talked us through a reintroduction plan which helps you to gradually eat certain groups again and monitor symptoms to understand whether there’s an intolerance and if so, how severe it is. I think it’ll take a few months to work through them all and accurately discover which foods I need to steer clear of but at least after that it’ll no longer be all of them!

I feel really excited about being able to eat some of the foods I’ve missed and optimistic that I could be eating some lovely foods again by summer time!

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