A pub quiz that’s a subtle blend of lateral thinking and extreme violence

On Monday I went to a Spaced pub quiz and had THE BEST TIME!

It was hosted at the Hope and Ruin pub in Brighton (which has had a big revamp and is actually pretty cool now – quite hipster looking but good food and a great atmosphere, a bit like the Marwood coffee shop, also in Brighton). I think it was the second quiz they’ve run and they plan to run quizzes once a month. I only came across it by chance when I saw friends of mine were RSVPing to the Facebook event and thought it’d be awesome. I invited a few other friends but it turns out, so did loads of other people and there ended up being over 450 people who said they were going. Continue reading

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A small change in direction

I’ve made the decision to stop doing weekly round up posts. I know they’ve not been going very long (I’ve only just written my 12th) but I don’t think they’re actually providing much value.

I started them because I was inspired by other bloggers doing a similar thing, and I enjoyed that kind of ‘diary style’ sneak peek into their lives – sometimes showing the mundane stuff as well as the more glamourous. The kind of everyday things that help you to really get to know that person. Continue reading


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Weekly round up #12

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you’re chowing down on a good roast dinner right now. I always start Sundays with a protein shake ahead of roller derby fresh meat training and then follow it up with a cooked ‘breakfast’ for lunch. But I do love a good roast dinner too. Yum!

What have you been up to this week? I have been:

Taking: A wardrobe delivery – it’s so beautiful! It’s an antique wardrobe which was originally bought in France by its last owners. I think it might be Mahogany (or some other kind of dark wood, that’s the only one I can think of…) and it’s been painted off-white in a shabby chic style. It’s a big triple wardrobe and looks so pretty! Next to sort is a second wardrobe (I have one in the garage of my boyfriends’ parents which needs to come back and be rebuilt) and a chest of drawers. Gumtree, here I come!

Antique wardrobe and zombie gnome

Organising: And chucking out my clothes. Not all of them, I’m not a nudist maniac, but a new wardrobe called for a spring clean so I spent some more time going through all my clothes and deciding whether I’ll really ever again wear that pair of size 10 jeans with the split crotch. I created mountains of clothes for charity shops, a pile of bin clothes (well, actually I stuck the unsellable bits in one of those clothes recycling banks) and keep-ables. It was actually really therapeutic and I rediscovered some great stuff I forgot I even had. Continue reading


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Assembling antique furniture and avoiding arguments

I mentioned that at the weekend we bought a new (well, second hand) wardrobe. It’s a gorgeous French antique shabby chic style triple wardrobe made with solid wood. It got delivered this week in a million pieces. Without instructions.

So it was up to Rob and I to figure out how it all went back together. I repeat, without instructions.

Luckily the previous owner had sent us a few photos of the various stages of its dismantling so we at least had that to go by but it was still quite tricky.

Out came Rob’s tool box and out came our thinking caps.

Building a vintage wardrobe

Continue reading

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Weekly round up #11

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve had a good week.

Bodiam Castle

This week I have been:

Voting: I’m not going to discuss the election any more than that as it’s bloody everywhere! But yes, I voted.

Welcoming: My mum and step-dad who came down for the day to see me yesterday. They also helped me sort out some new curtains and a pole for our bedroom (I really didn’t trust my measurements and curtain pole installation skills) – hurrah! We now have lovely new curtains (blackout lining to come) so the lamppost outside can sod off. We also bought a wardrobe which is being delivered tomorrow – so happy! Continue reading

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